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Tract is a collective of outstanding talent delivering high-end content and consultation for brands of all shapes and sizes. Our work is strictly focused on exceptional end results that drive business traffic and attention towards our clients.

Formed by a team of award-winning producers, film makers and photographers, Tract has acquired decades of industry experience across the planet. Our creatives consult, develop, execute and deliver outstanding content for large global brands, corporations, advertising and PR agencies and broadcast channels. Our collective portfolios place us as a firm industry leader.

We strongly believe in distilling the essence and core narrative of our clients message to reach the heart of a brand story. With the tide of audiences and markets constantly shifting online and elsewhere, we ensure our content is strong, clear, relevant and engaging.



We employ some of the most sought after film crews in the industry. Beautiful, engaging and memorable imagery is an integral aspect to all of our content. Every project is unique in it’s own right. Whether it’s executing a well-planned idea or shooting from the hip reportage, finding the story and the capturing the right atmosphere, we ensure all moving image we produce is of an exceptional standard. In a highly competitive online market it is vital to us that our clients stand out bright from the crowd.


We work with some of the best photographers in fashion, lifestyle, advertising and reportage. Each with their own unique visual take on the world. We pair a project or a brand with exactly the right photographer for them. The right image can deliver a brand message and ethos in under a second, which keeps photography on top as one of the most important marketing tools available.


Every brand has an intriguing story, a key message and target audience. We look to distill that message and intemperate it clearly through design. Everything stems from that key message including logo and graphics, web design and social media platforms, right through to the kind of paper your business cards are printed on. We offer a complete service in brand design or re-design to ensure your corner of the market is definitive. bold and attractive.


Strategy is key across the board in all areas. Be it a social media or digital content strategy, brand strategy or campaign strategy. We determine your end goals, identify your targets and your key audiences, then develop an approach and style that delivers better than expected results. We believe preparation and research is king in this area to guarantee a budget well spent.


Social media is a vital artery of communication for any brand in the digital realm. We offer expert consultation, strategy and management of your social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and more. We ensure your true brand voice is definitive, relevant and engaging. We believe social platforms should not simply be an extension of you, but should reflect the true you and your brand ethos.


With decades of experience working with some of the world’s biggest, most successful brands, we offer a thorough consultation service to get the absolute best out of your message. Whether you’re seeking advice on a new campaign, strategy, increasing engagement or re-branding for a greater reach, we offer in-depth analysis and radical advice to execute your new direction flawlessly.


Good copy feeds consumer confidence. Whether it’s a tag line or a newsletter, delivering a message with just a few key words is an enviable skill. We’re lucky enough to work with some of the best copy writers in the UK who can provide copy for anything from eye grabbing billboard statements to distilling a brand message in a short paragraph for websites, broadcast and much more.


Post-production delivers much of the magic after a successful shoot. Be it film or photography, we offer the entire package, from retouching and graphics, editing, animation, Visual effects, sound design, music and grading. We work with an incredibly talented team of professionals to really bring a commercial, film or campaign to life.


Our team have worked extensively in the past on major live broadcasts, VTs and events, from daytime television with ITV and films for the BBC, to filming at the BAFTAs, Vogue parties and press junkets at the Cannes Film Festival. Our key skill in these areas is to meet the inevitable tight deadlines and exceed expectations in quality, relevance and style.


Our product is simple. Creativity. Our ethos, to constantly invest in talent. From well-known, established industry legends to the best up and comers, we fuel our projects with outstanding teams, brewing innovative ideas and executing ground-breaking, original work.

In a business which can be over-saturated with similarity our goal is to ensure every campaign or project we undertake exceeds expectations and radiates passion. We strongly believe that the energy behind the camera translates to the image and the final product. From this energy comes originality. Our one final aim is to ensure our product is memorable, outstanding and delivers results.

For relevant examples please contact us.



Russell is an award winning film maker with 14 years of experience working in film, broadcast and commercials. He has directed over 200 projects for large global brands, charities and creative agencies including American Express, Armani and David Beckham for Haig Club. BAFTA member.


Claire has moved over from broadcast after an incredible 17 years as senior producer and director at ITV and the BBC, working on large-scale live broadcast and television features. Claire’s early mornings saw her as senior features producer and director for This Morning, Cash in the Attic, Britains Dream Homes and many more.


James has developed an outstanding reputation as a director for nearly two decades. Working with some of the biggest names in music, fashion and lifestyle he has directed projects for everyone from De Beers and Bally, to Elle Magazine and Nintendo.


Russell Owen – Creative Director
Tel: +44 (0)7743 095 667

Tract, East Complex,
Pinewood Studios,
Iver, Bucks SL0 0NH
Tel: +44(0)7743095667